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Our legal advice is characterized by being personalized and effective. Our clients receive direct attention of a main partner of our Legal Board, in an expedited and optimal response time in current times.

- Specialized resolution of complex legal and commercial challenges of high profile;

- A clear focus on important issues;

- A precise, clear and quick response;

- A commitment to respond to immediate needs of our customers and lead to their long-term strategic goals.

The success of a good business depends on several factors, and the basis of them is without any doubt a satisfactory legal advice.

About Us

We provide personalized advice to investors, local and foreign companies, unions, corporations and individuals, providing the guidance they need to compete in the present business environment.


We have a proven track record of quality services, with emphasis on innovation, and above all, in real and suitable time and adding value to our customers.

Our clients know us for our exclusive and practical approach to meet their needs in matters such as:

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Guillermo Ehreke Irrazabal

Master's Degree in Law (LL.M.) from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany.

Lawyer graduated from the Catholic University of Asunción, Paraguay (2004).
Master's Degree in Law (LL.M.) by the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany (2008).
Member of the Paraguayan Bar Association.
Languages: English, German and Spanish.

Practice Areas: Civil and Commercial Law; Real Estate; Fluvial and Maritime; Contracts and Commercial Instruments; Administrative Law and Public Tenders; Corporate and Commercial Law; Companies; Investments; Financial Instruments; Tax Law, Agency Law, Representation and Distribution.

Sofia Diaz de Bedoya_editd.jpg

Federico Silva Duarte

Lawyer, Catholic University of Asuncion, Paraguay (2004).

Postgraduate in Human Rights, University of Nottingham, Great Britain (2005).

Master of Laws (LLM), University of Canterbury, New Zealand (2009).

Member of the Paraguayan Bar Association.

Languages: English; Portuguese


Practice Areas: Corporate and Regulatory Matters; Compliance; Intellectual Property; Legal Audits; Investment Advice; Estate and Succession Planning.

Master in Laws, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Marcelo Vera_edit dulce.jpg

Sofía Díaz de Bedoya Quevedo

Lawyer graduated from Catholic University of Asuncion, Paraguay.

Lawyer graduated from Catholic University of Asunción, Paraguay (2009).

Specialist in Litigation Techniches graduated from Catholic University of Asunción (2011).

Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Practice Areas: Litigation

Marcelo Vera Jara

Lawyer and Public Notary graduated from National University of Asuncion, Paraguay.

Lawyer graduated from National University of Asunción (2014).

Public Notary graduated from National University of Asunción (2017).

Languages: Spanish and English.

Practice Areas: Corporate and Commercial Law; Real State; Registry Law.



derecho comercial

Business Law

We advise all types of companies and investments, small, medium or large, including local and international corporations. We draft and monitor all types of documents, such as contracts for investments, mergers, acquisitions, corporate restructuring, legal audit, among others, including companies listed on the stock market.

derecho financiero

Financial Law

We provide specialized services to financial and credit institutions, providing them with legal advice and support in highly complex local and international transactions.

derecho fluvial y marítimo

Fluvial and Maritime Law

Our clients are referents of the fluvial and maritime sector. We advise and provide  legal support, this sector is one of the engines of the regional economy for the strategic, geographical situation and for the ability of to transport a large a large volume of freight.

tributario aduanero

Tax and Customs Law

Tax planning is an imperative decision when times arrives to close business transactions to anticipate the impact of business taxes. We focus on providing comprehensive advice to take advantage of the low tax pressure and local taxation benefits, one of the most important incentives for foreign and domestic investments in the country.


Labor Law

We provide complementary advice for all types of labor law matters, from drafting contracts and internal regulations to the effective termination of the labor relation, including collective bargaining and issues related to trade unions, social security and litigation in case they arise.


Lawsuits and Settlement of Disputes 

We have experience in extrajudicial procedures such as mediation and national and international arbitration. We also provide services of collection, civil and labor litigation, in addition to contentious procedures, both in administrative instance and in judicial courts.

derecho migratorio

Migratory Law

We provide counseling and follow up services related to residency and citizenship procedures, to provide the client more security, efficiency and agility in the process.

administrativoy licitaciones

Administrative Law, Public Tenders

We offer services and comprehensive counseling on administrative legal matters and national and international public tenders (PNT and PIT), from private or governmental institutions, either by elaborating or analyzing general terms and conditions of tenders.

inversión extranjera y maqila

Due to the tax advantages, Maquila is one of the most widely used legal figures by foreign investors, especially in the textiles and technology industries. We have the required staff to advice in this matter, in such a way that the transactions have the necessary legal coverage.

bienes raíces

We assist and advise our clients in the purchase and sale operations and administration of urban and rural buildings, including the location of the units, the administration of the co-ownership in buildings of departments and offices and the organization and collection of common expenses.

Intelectual Property

EBA’s professionals have experience in the wide range of matters
involved in intellectual property, such as trademarks, patents,
designs, copyright, domain names, plant varieties, phytosanitary
products and unfair competition, providing advice on contract
issues, litigation, registrations and others related to them. They
also have experience in areas related to those mentioned, such as
personal data protection, advertising law, sports and entertainment
law, technology transfer, franchises and others.

propiedad intelectual


The firm's professionals have experience in providing
comprehensive services in environmental law, being trained for
this purpose in the various related areas, such as regulatory


Corporate Law

EBA regularly provides comprehensive legal assistance to civil
and commercial entities, such as companies, associations,
foundations and others, ranging from their incorporation, with the
drafting of articles of association, bylaws and other necessary
documents, their operation, accompanying the board and
shareholders’ meetings that must be carried out, the issuance of
powers of attorney and others, as well as its dissolution and
liquidation, if necessary.

fusiones y adqui

Mergers and Acquisitions

The firm's professionals have extensive experience in the sale and
purchase of companies, enterprises and assets, acquisitions of
shares in companies, mergers, spin-offs, corporate
transformations, shareholders' agreements and joint ventures,
strategic alliances, business groups and others, as well as in the
execution of legal audit processes or due diligence linked to them.

riesgo compliance

Risks Management and Compliance

Our professionals have vast experience in risk management and
compliance issues. They are familiar with foreign legislation with
local impact, such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
and others, ensuring the provision of a meticulous and
multifaceted approach required by the current interconnected
regulatory environment in the framework of a globalized world.
Thus, we advise our clients: on strategies to manage and reduce
current and eventual risks in the development of their line of
business, including the identification and compliance with local
and international regulations; in the evaluation and
accompaniment in investigations by authorities, as well as in the
responses to them. The services also cover internal investigations
in cases of improper corporate conduct, both to the client itself or
to third parties linked to it, such as distributors, agents, outsourced
personnel and others.

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